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Sales management program

Sales management software is a comprehensive solution for integrated management with monitoring the performance of your store from warehouse operations and their accounts, sales and purchases operations, customer and supplier accounts. It also helps you to manage all your store accounts with ease.

The goal of the program
  • The importance of the sales program is demonstrated in providing comprehensive knowledge of sales and profits in a simple and detailed manner.
  • It also gives the user the advantage of getting to know all the details related to his work and full control over all the data entered, whether it is items or sales invoices, and linking them with each other.
  • Search, select and not write to save time.
  • Reducing manual bills and paperwork
  • Speed ​​up the payment process to improve cash flow
  •  Recording all accounting transactions accurately and without any error.
  •  Follow up on the movement of purchases and sales

Program Advantages

The sales management program is also characterized by ease of use and a simplified user interface through which

  • management of all sales and purchases
  • Managing stores and following up the movement of products with printing general reports
  • The ability to manage more than one store and transfer from among stores
  • Get automatic alerts when a product is out of stock or out of stock
  • It allows you to register an unlimited number of products with the ability to upload ready-made product lists directly into the program
  • Searching for products by barcode with the ability to print barcodes
  • The possibility of connecting more than one point of sale on the same network
The most basic functions of a sales management program

Sales management software provides complete support for sales systems with an easy-to-use interface that shows you product lists, customers and sales orders.


Based on customers' request you can submit offers for the required products in quantities and prices for each product.

Sales orders

The program allows you to add an infinite number of items to the invoice during sales invoices with printing the invoice after each sale to review the data


Add all the products or services you provide in the system with their description and price. The program supports lists of selling prices. For example retail price, wholesale price. During selling, you can easily choose the price you want to sell at.



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